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Family Cow TURKEY Reservations!

(Organically pastured, Soy free and GMO free)

Yep, the time is now...Thanksgiving is coming, ready or not!

Everyone's been asking for a Family Cow Organic Pasture-Fed Turkey for Thanksgiving! And that makes perfect sense to us. Thanksgiving is a special time for thanking the Creator. It only seems ethical, if we intend to honor the Creator, to do so over a pastured that was raised with respect to His perfect design! No GMO's, No Soy, No antibiotics, No confinement, No hormones... Just God's fresh air, sunshine, green grass, pure water, natural supplements, grasshoppers and lots of love. :)
  • We expect the Turkey's sizes to be: Small: 10-12 lb, Medium: 12-14 lb and Large: 14-20 lb. Right now you are not specifying a size. You will have opportunity to do that later. Please understand that these are estimates and we do not control the size!

  • The price is $5.75/lb.

  • The Turkeys will be frozen the day of butchering, shrink wrapped and available to be picked up at the farm or delivered to drop points starting around the first full week in November.

  • Your reservation deposit will be credited toward the final price when you receive your Turkey.

  • The reservation deposit is non-refundable. We have to do it this way to be sure we are not carefully, feeding, butchering and reserving a special turkey for folks who back out at last minute.

  • Of course, if an act of God (Hurricane, Tornado or such) would make it impossible for us to provide you with a Turkey, we will refund your deposit.

  • A turkey deposit is not valid until paid. If placing a separate order for your turkey deposit, be sure to pay by credit card during checkout.

  • VERY IMPORTANT: Please select the earliest "delivery date" available. Of course, your turkey will not be delivered until early November, but the deposit must be processed now.

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