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100% Grass Fed Raw Milk - Unpasteurized Milk

100% Grass-fed Raw Organic Jersey Milk... Straight from The Family Cow!

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Gallon - Raw Milk
Milk just doesn't get any better than this!

Raw, Jersey, 100% Grass-fed (Zero-Grain, Soy-Free, Corn-free), 100% Certified Organic
Half Gallon - Raw Milk
Milk just doesn't get any better than this!

Raw, Jersey, 100% Grass-fed (Zero-Grain, Soy-Free, Corn-free), 100% Certified Organic
Pint - Raw Milk
Milk just doesn't get any better than this!

Raw, Jersey, 100% Grass-fed (Zero-Grain, Soy-Free, Corn-free), 100% Certified Organic
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Fresh Milk...More Than A Sales Pitch

The milk from The Family Cow, is so fresh you might still hear the moo! The time elapse from the cow to your refrigerator is measured in hours, just as if you owned your own cow. Many people tell us that our grass-fed Jersey milk is the best raw milk they have ever tasted, but that will be up to you to decide. We always hope to exceed your expectations.

Organic Milk...A Commitment For You

Our commitment to 100% Certified Organic means that we are dedicated to environmentally sustainable production practices. It means that we never apply synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers to our pastures or crops. The cows are never subjected to synthetic hormones, genetically modified organisms, or antibiotics. Our gentle Jerseys freely graze on natural grasses the way cows are meant to eat. The result is...Super Happy Cows giving Super Healthy Milk!...and that is the way we want to keep it...for you.

Raw Milk...Exactly As God Made It

The Family Cow's fresh delicious raw milk is not processed in any way. It's beyond simply organic... it is truly whole food, alive with natural enzymes, immunity building probiotic bacteria and practically bursting with full bodied flavor.

Raw Milk is Real Milk...milk where the cream still rises: cream for a bowl of fresh strawberries, cream for ice cream, and cream to make your own organic butter.

Raw Milk is Real Milk...milk that still contains the natural enzyme lactase which is necessary for the digestion of lactose. Since enzymes are destroyed during pasteurization, some people have difficulty digesting pasteurized milk. Many who call themselves lactose intolerant are actually pasteurized milk intolerant. If this seems surprising, remember, mother's milk is raw milk!

See this handy comparison chart from Organic Pastures Dairy on raw milk v. pasteurized milk.

Raw Milk Comparison Chart

Jersey Milk...It Makes Better Kefir

Well, actually, it makes everything better. It even makes your cereal better. Our brown Jersey cows give milk that is much creamier and with higher protein, mineral and vitamin content than milk from the more common breeds. Oh yes, and the kefir. Let's just say this: Once we get you started making kefir you might just want to live on it...and it's extremely easy to make. Just ask us, we'd love to teach you.

Healthy Milk...From Our Family To Yours

Our family is dedicated to producing the highest quality, most healthful milk for your family. We are fully tested, inspected and licensed, by the PA Dept. of Ag. Even beyond that, we are committed to run raw milk safety tests many times more often than required by PA law. In fact our family is so dedicated to raw milk safety that we installed our own microbiological lab. This allows us to test every single lot of milk before we release it for sale. We feed this milk to our children too, so we do understand the importance!

Going organic was the cornerstone in our quest to provide you with the most wholesome milk possible yet delivering it to you raw, as truly whole food, is definitely the capstone of that quest.


All the Best of Food and Blessings!

Your Family Farmers,

Edwin and Dawn Shank and Family
The Family Cow LLC
3854 Olde Scotland Rd
Chambersburg, PA 17202
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