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Our 8 oz. blocks of cheese are perfect for the individual or small family to enjoy as a snack between meals or on the side with your favorite dish. We also sell our white and yellow cheddar in 1 lb. blocks and offer 5 lb. cases of almost all our cheeses for those who are looking for a larger amount. I'm sure you will also be pleased with our 8 oz. or 2.5 lb. resealable shredded cheddar.

All block cheese is sold by the block and the shredded cheese will be sold by the bag.

What is special about The Family Cow Cheeses?

All the natural Enzymes are still living! The milk is never heated past 103 degrees during the cheese making process. They are truly raw cheeses. This low temperature preserves all the natural enzymes. Many so-called 'raw' cheeses are actually heated to 160 degrees! Just shy of the legal definition of pasteurization, yea right, but not exactly raw either!

They are a Living Whole Food A slight puffing-up of the shrink wrap is normal (especially in the aged cheese) and not to be feared. In fact it is a good sign. It's proof that it's truly living food. It is breathing!

Made from 100% Organic Raw Milk from our own grass-fed Jersey herd. It is not just raw. It is not just grass-fed. It is not just organic. It is all three plus local and artisan too!

Our Baby Swiss is very Creamy: Swiss is usually made from skim milk. (If you slice it thin and hold it up to the light it looks translucent) Ours is made from full-fat jersey milk just like the rest of our cheese. The difference is remarkable.

It is truly PA Artisan made: It is one of a kind. made in small batches, by hand.

Even the Salt is the Best: We use Celtic Sea Salt to make sure that even a detail like the salt is pure, unbleached, unrefined and untouched. Why mess with a good thing?
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