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Grass Fed Butter, Cream, Ghee & Yogurt Products

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Yogurt - Plain
-Made with 100% Grass-Fed Organic Jersey milk from The Family Cow farm
-in 1 quart containers
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Organic Cream and Butter

At The Family Cow, we do not have space or funds for a cream separator or a butter churn. So...we partner with other local organic dairy friends and help them grow too!

These products are organic, grass-fed, local, non-homogenized, but they are not raw. They are pasteurized as required by law in PA. But, it is important to note, they are low temperature pasteurized not UHT pasteurized. Many organic pasteurized products are Ultra High Temperature Pasteurized (283 degrees) for long shelf life. Trickling Springs Creamery refuses to use UHT pasteurization because of the damage it does to milk proteins.

The butter's brilliant yellow is the 100% natural beta carotene from the cow's diet of rapidly growing grass. With grass based sustainable farming, yellow is the symbol of quality. Especially in the spring time, this butter has an almost florescent glow.

For the salted butter, they use Celtic Sea Salt. We know it is important to you that even a detail like the salt is pure!
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