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NOTE: Liquid Holistic Honey crystalizes rapidly as we head through the winter which means it may be solid when you receive it. There are various ways to use it when you receive it this way. You can use a table knife or spoon to dip it out and use it as is. Or you can warm it to 100* - 104* which will melt the crystals and it will return to a liquid again for a while. Be careful not to heat it above 104* because it will damage the enzymes and other valuable properties of the Raw Holistic Honey. Here is a website that will be helpful in understanding some of the details about melting and even freezing honey.

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The Holistic Difference: Open a jar of Holistic Honey with cappings and the first thing you'll notice is the "cappings": crunchy bits of pollen, propolis and honeycomb. These nutrient-rich, immunity-building touches of nature can be chewed like gum. Our children fight for them.

Holistic Bee-Keeping: Our bee-keepers embrace holistic, low-stress, bee-keeping methods to keep the bees healthy. They use essential oils like Lemon Grass, Tee Tree, Peppermint and Wintergreen in place of the chemicals and antibiotics which are common to industrial honey. So it's not just people who enjoy our holistic commitment. The bees are happy too!

Nothing Added. Nothing Taken Away: Holistic Honey is never heated or strained. You get all the live whole-food enzymes and vital nutrients as a natural gift from the bees.

It Lasts Forever: Holistic Honey never spoils. And it never needs refrigerated either. It will solidify with time but that is natural too. In fact, the quickness with which our honey solidifies is a powerful indicator of its rawness. To soften, place the jar in warm water. (But not over 105 F. or you'll kill the enzymes)

Awesome Flavor: You're sure to love the unique flavor of Holistic Honey. Eaten right from the spoon, or used as a sweetener for other foods, it is always a pleasure to be cherished.

Nature's Diversity: The color and texture of our honey is decided by the bees. The variations depend on the local varieties of wildflowers and other plants from which they forage. We wouldn't change it if we could! Enjoy!
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