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Find our exquisite 8 oz. blocks of cheese here.
Our larger blocks and 10 block cases are here.
The Shredded Cheddar can be found here.
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Fromage Affiné  (1/2 lb. avg)
-Made with Family Cow 100% grass-fed raw organic Jersey milk
-Sold in roughly half pound blocks
-Handmade Artisanal Cheese that is aged more than 12 months
-Aged cheeses deliver a remarkable, delightful, flavor experience!
Irregular Johnys Clothbound Cheddar (1/2 lb. avg)
- Calling All Cheese Connoisseurs!
- This is our finest raw aged cheese!
- It’s taken first place in PA State contests
-These wedges are discounted because they're broken or on the small side. It's still the same high quality cheese!
-These are in limited supply
$9.75 Sorry, Sold Out
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