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Gluten intolerant or sensitive? Will my stomach be okay with sourdough or sprouted wheat bread? The answer may surprise you, it did me.

This website may help you understand how the carbs are broken down into simple sugars and the proteins into amino acids that the human body can digest more easily. And the enzymes that are produced in the fermenting process are very stomach friendly.

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Artisan Sourdough Bread - Original
From Kevin & Melinda McGrath at McGrath's Brick Oven Bakehouse.

This classic simple bread is composed of mostly white bread flour with a touch of moist nutritious rye. It features a chewy caramelized crust, open crumb (larger holes) and superbly fresh flavor, bolstered by an overnight fermentation with a loose white-flour sourdough starter. It is ideal for ripping and dipping at dinner, or cut thick as toast.

1.3 lb. Loaf
Artisan Sourdough Bread - Whole Wheat Pan Bread
From Kevin & Melinda McGrath at McGrath's Brick Oven Bakehouse.

A wonderful daily bread for sandwiches. It's leavened with a sourdough culture. The flour in this 100% whole wheat bread is milled in house just hours prior to mixing the dough. This locks in the nutrients which otherwise might dissipate with time, making this the ideal bread for daily consumption. It has a soft and closed crumb with wonderful keeping qualities.

1.8 lb. Loaf
Sprouted Whole Wheat Bread
Homemade by Emeline Zimmerman - 1.5 lb. loaf

NOTE: The Zimmerman's are working hard to figure out what is going wrong with the dough in the bread making process. They have been experiencing issues with the flour not working properly in the dough. Then the bread doesn't rise like it needs to make a nice rounded loaf. As soon as they get it figured out they will be making bread again to fill all your Sprouted Wheat Bread needs.
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Here is a link to a French toast recipe from Kevin and Melinda McGrath. A very tasty way to serve the McGrath's Sourdough breads.
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