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Ground Smoked Turkey (with bones)

Product ID: GROSMO

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-made with smoked turkey wings and backs

-in 12-13 oz resealable containers (The container size is actually 16 oz, but since this ground turkey is a drier blend, the actual weight per container is more like 12-13 ounces. Whatever the case, this way you get more food and less moisture per package.)
Just like the chicken mix and premium chicken mix, bureaucrats will not allow us to label this as pet food so we just tell you what it is made out of and let you decide what to use it for. :) It is made from smoked turkey wings and backs (including bones) so this is not meant for human consumption. Our pets absolutely LOVE it.

The only downside is that we only have a limited amount of this Smoked Turkey and we don't plan to make more. So I don't know how long this will last. It could be a few weeks or possibly a few months, but when it's gone, it's gone.
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