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Note: 4/16/18 I'm sorry some of these items tend to be seasonal. We are currently sold out of all of them. The good news is we plan to have the sauerkraut and kimchi back in stock in a couple weeks. Keep watching the website for its return.

These home canned foods are organically grown and expertly preserved by our Amish farmer friends.

As most of you know, my wife Dawn and daughter Gwendolyn have been doing the gardening and canning for quite a few years. But since Gwendolyn is married and lives two hours from here, they decided to give their recipes to the experienced Amish ladies of Oasis. So here it is, folks... all the goodness of Dawn's traditional recipes carried forward by our Amish friends. The Amish ladies even added a few traditional recipes of their own which we did not have... so it's been a great move for all of us and we thank them!

Your farmer,

Update Mar. '18: Some of our organic canned foods will be coming back again once season opens and the canning can be done. The folks at Oasis have decided they missed the canning so much they are bringing some items back this year and will attempt to bring more back every year. This year they plan to supply us with Pickled Beets, Black Raspberry Jam, Blueberry Jam, and Strawberry Jam, Ketchup, Dill Pickles and Salsa. This is really exciting to us and we are glad to inform you to be watching for the first of the canned garden goodies sometime in mid-late Summer.

The Horseradish and Lacto-Fermented foods will still be available. They will not be affected by the canned foods ending.
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