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These home canned foods are organically grown and expertly preserved by our Amish farmer friends.

As most of you know, my wife Dawn and daughter Gwendolyn have been doing the gardening and canning for quite a few years. But since Gwendolyn is married and lives two hours from here, they decided to give their recipes to the experienced Amish ladies of Oasis. So here it is, folks... all the goodness of Dawn's traditional recipes carried forward by our Amish friends. The Amish ladies even added a few traditional recipes of their own which we did not have... so it's been a great move for all of us and we thank them!

Your farmer,

Update: Our organic canned foods will be discontinued once we run out of stock. The folks at Oasis decided they need to focus on other parts of their business and will no longer supply us with them. The good news is that we have a pretty good supply of many of the items but once they're gone....they're gone. For those of you who have been enjoying and relying on them, we're very sorry.

The Horseradish and Lacto-Fermented foods will still be available. They will not be affected by the canned foods ending.

We are looking for another organic kitchen that would be willing and able to make these canned foods to our specifications. We will be sure to inform you as soon as we have found one.

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Beet Kvass - Lacto Fermented Beverage
16 oz. Jar - The color of the kvass drink may vary from red to brown which is no cause for alarm. The reason for the variation is the color of the beets used in the fermenting process.
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