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100% Grass Fed Raw Milk - Unpasteurized Milk

100% Grass-fed Raw Organic Jersey Milk... Straight from The Family Cow!

Raw Cheese Products

Our 8 oz. blocks of cheese are perfect for the individual or small family to enjoy as a snack between meals or on the side with your favorite dish. We also sell our white and yellow cheddar in 1 lb. blocks and offer 5 lb. cases of almost all our cheeses for those who are looking for a larger amount. I'm sure you will also be pleased with our 8 oz. or 2.5 lb. resealable shredded cheddar.

All block cheese is sold by the block and the shredded cheese will be sold by the bag.

Truly Pastured Organic Chicken Products

We grow our chickens and turkeys on our organic pastures. We always move them to new grass every morning... Sometimes we move them morning and evening. This moving is extremely important. It allows our birds to forage a diet of bugs, grubs, flies and a complete salad bar of plants and grasses. This high foraging content of their diet makes their meat extra high in CLA and Omega 3 "good fats," You may even notice the difference in the more yellow look of the fat and skin. To supplement their pasture diet they also have a mix of corn, field peas and linseed with a certified organic vitamin, mineral, and probiotic mix called Fertrell Poultry Nutri-Balancer. All of these supplements are 100% Soy-Free, GMO-Free, Antibiotic-Free and Hormone-Free just like all of "Family Cow" farm animal feeds.

Truly Pastured Organic Turkey Products


Soy-Free Pastured Turkeys

Hey! Let's Talk Turkey!

Can you feel it in the air? Thanksgiving is coming down the pike and then it'll be Christmas too before you're ready!

So what's up with Family Cow Turkey? Did I miss something? Don't you normally accept turkey deposits and pre-orders before this? Aren't you growing your delicious soy-free, GMO-free, organically pastured, hand butchered turkeys this year? How can I make sure I get mine?

These questions have been rolling in. Sorry we haven't communicated sooner.

Yes, yes and yes. We absolutely are growing your special turkeys just like other years. We are planning to take your pre-orders just like last the last two years since it worked so well. This way works so much better and easier as compared to how we used to take pre-orders.

You'll order a turkey just like you do other Family Cow food... UPDATE, 10/31/18: At this point it is no longer necessary to place a separate order for your turkey. They're available anytime. We can deliver it whenever you want.

Just a bit about our special birds: These turkeys are lovingly raised by us on our Family Cow farm. They are grown GMO-Free, Soy-Free and in respect to animal welfare. We fully pasture them 24/7, and move them every day, rain or shine, to new organic grass, clover and bugs. (Turkeys seem to love bugs best!)

Our family and team then hand-butchers our turkeys on our farm in our zero-waste, mobile butchering wagon. Even the feathers are composted and their nutrients returned to the farm soil.

Also worthy of note: we do not allow Clorox or any other chemicals anywhere near your turkeys! Nothing but a little organic apple cider vinegar and Celtic sea salt and ice are used in the chill water.

Yes, you can taste the purity and the difference! :)

Woodland Pork - Grass Fed Pork Products

Customer Review: "I just had to write to let you know that my husband and I have gotten ham and pork chops from you and it is absolutely the best tasting pork we've ever had. The pork chops are pretty amazing! There is just so much more flavor compared to store bought pork." -Cristi and Steve

Like all our food, these pork products are free of Nitrates, Nitrites, MSGs, GMOs, Preservatives and Soy.

Fresh Caught Salmon from Wild For Salmon

Steve and Jenn at Wild for Salmon are the fishermen and owners of the company. They embark on an annual expedition to Alaska's Bristol Bay to harvest enough salmon to fill orders for a year. The goal of the fishermen is to have enough for a year and yet have it completely used up by the time to restock the next year. These great folks have given us an introduction to their company's origins and quality written in their own words. Check it out here.

Note: There are 4 different flavors of salmon burgers - Plain salmon patties, Feta Dill salmon patties, Garden Style salmon patties and Spicy salmon patties. We have decided to keep the plain salmon burgers available all the time and plan to rotate the other three salmon burgers on an every other month, so you can enjoy all the flavors. We will attempt to call attention to the arrival of the new flavor each time but cannot promise it. Keep watching the website for your favorite flavor of Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon Burgers.

The good folks at Wild For Salmon have put together a web folder for all the recipes they get from their customers, friends and neighbors. Here is a link to their recipe book. All you gourmet chefs and amatuer cooks will enjoy the challenge of exquisite salmon.

Holistic Honey - Raw Honey Products

NOTE: Liquid Holistic Honey crystalizes rapidly as we head through the winter which means it may be solid when you receive it. There are various ways to use it when you receive it this way. You can use a table knife or spoon to dip it out and use it as is. Or you can warm it to 100* - 104* which will melt the crystals and it will return to a liquid again for a while. Be careful not to heat it above 104* because it will damage the enzymes and other valuable properties of the Raw Holistic Honey. Here is a website that will be helpful in understanding some of the details about melting and even freezing honey.

Wild Lacto Ferments

These home canned foods are organically grown and expertly preserved by our Amish farmer friends.

As most of you know, my wife Dawn and daughter Gwendolyn have been doing the gardening and canning for quite a few years. But since Gwendolyn is married and lives two hours from here, they decided to give their recipes to the experienced Amish ladies of Oasis. So here it is, folks... all the goodness of Dawn's traditional recipes carried forward by our Amish friends. The Amish ladies even added a few traditional recipes of their own which we did not have... so it's been a great move for all of us and we thank them!

Your farmer,

Organic Apples, Cider, and Vinegar

Fresh, Local, Certified Organic Apples!
Remember the wonderful From Oyler’s Organic Cider we deliver every fall? This year we’re partnering with the Oyler’s for certified organic apples too! These Pennsylvania apples are rare because certified organic apples are difficult to grow in the eastern part of the U.S. The apples have character and are not perfect like chemically sprayed apples, but, as you know from the cider, their flavor is superb! All of these apples are excellent for fresh eating and for cooking. The variety of apples will vary as the Oyler family harvests multiple varieties throughout the season.

Note: The 2018 organic apple crop is available for purchase. Unfortunately, the crop is much smaller than normal due to the cloudy, wet weather this Spring and Summer. Organic producers rely on the sun to help them with many important functions of growing, managing disease and keeping fruit in #1 condition. As a result, the #1 apples are in very short supply and will not be available long. They may even need to mix varieties on the box. So be sure to get yours while they are available. And the #2 apples, in the big box actually won't be available at all this year. The crop was just too small this year. Oyler's are expecting a much larger crop next year. They have a few new varieties that will be coming in for a fuller harvest.And hopefully the weather will be more desirable for growing organic fruit.

Lard & Coconut Oil Products

This is the same certified organic, expeller pressed coconut oil that my wife Dawn and daughter Gwendolyn have used for our family for several years. Since Dawn already buys in bulk for our store baking, and some of you have asked, we decided to make this available to the rest of you. Try it out! I think you'll be pleased with the price and quality.

Lard is a wonder oil rendered from the fat from our specialty woodland raised pigs. It can be used to fry in, cook with and of course, makes the perfect 'secret ingredient' for phenomenal baking. Our Woodland Pork Lard is not bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated or altered in any way.

Lard is a great cooking and baking oil. Many of the "old timers" will not make a pie crust without it. They say it makes the crust more crisp for a better handling, pie eating experience.

Natural Soaps & Salves

What do you use to clean your hands when you come home from work? Or when you were out working in the garden? We have a soap that is good for every occasion. The pure goat milk, essential oils, organic botanicals, earthen clays and root powders produce a delightful cleaner when carefully hand-crafted by Kathy and Haley. Try them out and let us know which one you like best. We know you'll be impressed with the quality of the soaps.

When you have trouble with dry skin or have skinned yourself while working and you're looking for a soothing, healing ointment. Look no further. The ointment we have was specifically formulated just for these issues. Its best use is as a barrier to infection-causing bacteria that enter the body when the skin gets scraped off or burned. Check out the full page brochure from the manufacturer here.

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