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Old-Fashioned Pork Hot Dogs

Product ID: HOTDOG

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Avg. Size / 1 lb. @ $8.49 per lb. / $8.49
-made with Premium Pastured Pork (no junk meat!)
-no sugar
-and of course no nitrates or nitrites
-fully pre-cooked (during smoking)
Old-Fashioned Pork Hot Dog Ingredients
  • Woodland Pork
  • Water
  • Celtic Sea Salt
  • Pepper
  • Spices

Since these are "old-fashioned" hot dogs, you will notice some variation in fat content occasionally. This is perfectly normal. If you want less fat, simply cook them longer. If you want more fat, cook less. These hot dogs have already been cooked (during the smoking process) so they are not raw meat.

Just three of many rave reviews:
  • "OK, so they were amazing!!! We are fussy hot dog eaters but now we're hooked. So sorry you ran out already, I have to get more. They really were terrific!"
  • "We've loved the new pastured hotdogs! Thank you so much for your work on this great new product. It's been really nice to have a dog that tastes wonderful and we know is good for us at summer BBQs."
  • "I tried one of the new hot dogs tonight... phenomenal! It is a gourmet hot dog, the best I've ever had."

One cooking tip: Since these old-fashioned hot dogs have a different consistency and different type of skin, the best preparation method is to boil. Feel free to try grilling and other methods, but no guarantee of success. Let us know your thoughts. We're new to these too...
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