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Caprine Delight Goat Dairy's quality goat milk.
Breezy Meadow Farm's delightful goat milk cheese.

Goat Milk Supply Note: Almost every year we run short on Goat Milk in January, February, and March.The main reason for the winter shortage is that goats, unlike cows, are seasonal breeders. This means that they only have babies in spring and summer and therefore most goats are on their 2 months maternity leave in January and February. The winter weather also signals to a goat that this is the time to make less milk whether they are pregnant or not. Our goats live in the great outdoors, with available shelters, so they know very well what the season is. But don't worry about the goats being exposed to the elements. These are "Alpine" goats, hardy to cold winters and changing seasons. They do not want to be pampered year round in a dull and boring barn facility. They enjoy the changing seasons as much as we do. This is Caprine Delight! The goats are delighted to live here.
Another reason there seems to be a winter shortage of goat milk is that many goat owners prefer not to milk in the winter. Their goats are on vacation, so more customers are buying milk from Caprine Delight because we provide milk year-round. Also, Goat Milk demand grows in the winter because people seem to like to drink more milk in the winter. Milk and cookies and hot cocoa and hearty meals are just so delicious in the cold weather.
Goat milk freezes well in the plastic milk jugs. It maintains nutritive value for 6 months or more while frozen. A half gallon will thaw in 2 hours in a large bowl of water at room temperature or in 12 hours in your refrigerator. Shake occasionally during thawing. If the milk is frozen and thawed partially and then refrozen the milk will separate and become clumpy. If this happens, you can use a blender or stick blender to improve the consistency. If you have a frost free freezer, place the milk away from the frost free heating element in the freezer. If the milk is placed near the heating element it might defrost partially and then refreeze causing the separation and clumping of the milk. When frozen only once, milk can thaw beautifully and is very similar to fresh.
So stock up on Caprine Delight goat milk in the fall! Keep a few half gallons in your freezer in case of bad weather or emergency, or low availability.
Thanks for enjoying fresh, natural, delicious Caprine Delight Raw Goat milk!
Candy and Randy Walker,
Caprine Delight Goat Dairy
Gettysburg, PA

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Our Raw Goat Cheese

Artisan, Soy-Free, GMO-Free Goat Cheese: Remember when we shared our dream to invite other sustainable farmers on board? The big dream is on track and moving forward! We are pleased to feature a high quality Raw Milk Goat Cheese from Jason & Lucinda Oberholtzer family. Jason and Lucinda's Breezy Meadows Farm is in my wife's hometown area of Myerstown, PA. Of course, like all the other farmers we work with, we made sure they never use hormones, antibiotics or feed soy of any kind before we agreed to partner with them. Trust me, this goat cheese is exceptional. Give it a try... We know you will love it.

Our Raw Goat Milk

Our raw goat milk comes from the Walkers at Caprine Delight. We'll let them speak for themselves below.

Hi, This is Candy and Randy Walker and Family from Caprine Delight Goat Dairy. Here are a few things you might want to know about our Raw Goat Milk.

Our goats live out doors in the fresh air with acres of grass and browse and sheds to get out of the rain. The goats pasture is supplemented with a custom blend of locally grown whole grains and hay. They never get genetically modified feeds (GMO), and never soy in any form.

We rely on healthy and natural living conditions, herbal wormers and natural cures like aloe juice, essential oils and garlic tinctures. We do not routinely use antibiotics, though we would use antibiotics if necessary to save the life of an animal. We maintain year round milk production by breeding throughout the natural season. We do not use hormones to stimulate off season breeding or milk production.

Our dairy is fully permitted and tested by Pa Dept. of Agriculture for raw milk sales. Our goats are also tested annually and are negative for: Brucellosis, Tuberculosis, Caprine Arthritis Encephalitis, Caseous Lymphadenitis, and Johne's Disease.

Why do people want Goat Milk? Here are a few reasons.

- People of all ages can benefit from goat milk. Goat milk forms small soft curds which are easily digested.

- Goat milk fat contains more short and medium chain triglycerides than cow milk fat, which aids rapid digestion and offers protection against disease.

- Goat milk can help reduce symptoms of respiratory, gastrointestinal, and dermatological conditions.

- For those with gastric ulcers or acid reflux, goat milk has better buffering capacity than cow milk.

- Many lactose intolerant people can enjoy raw goat milk.

- Goat milk provides 13% more calcium, 25% more Vit B-6, 47% more Vit A, 134% more potassium and 350% more niacin than cow milk.

- Goat milk butterfat naturally contains vitamins A & D needed for the assimilation of calcium and protein.

- Goat milk butterfat contains glycosphingolipids
which prevent intestinal distress and contains conjugated linoleic acid which has strong anticancer properties.

Caprine Delight Goat Milk brings you "Pasteurized quality without the heat treatment." Our raw milk is required to meet the same bacteria standards as pasteurized milk! How can that be accomplished? Here is how.

Cleanliness at all stages of milk handling and maintenance of the health of our animals keep our bacteria and somatic cell counts low. We rely on sanitation rather than pasteurization to protect the wholesomeness of our product.

We have a "100% excellent facility" (Dairy Farm Inspection Report) that brings our animals into the milking parlor at eye level on raised metal platforms. We milk from the side to see the whole animal, alert for lack of appetite or any sign of discomfort. We clean the udder before milking and watch the goats as they consume their locally mixed GMO-free, soybean free grain ration which includes whole oats, barley, molasses, kelp, vitamins, minerals.

If you have further questions or wish to visit the goats, and our cheese store, you are more than welcomed!

All the best,

Candy & Randy Walker and Family
1778 Chambersburg Road
Gettysburg, PA 17325
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