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Soy-Free Pastured Turkey - Extra Young


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Avg. Size / 7.5 lb. @ $5.75 per lb. / $43.13 Sorry, Sold Out
Size Range: 6.00-8.99 lb

The turkeys have all been grown to your special specifications (Soy-free, hormone free, antibiotic free, GMO-free, organically pastured, etc.) butchered, packaged, weighed and frozen…
Extra Young Turkeys! Thanksgiving Turkeys are normally grown for about four months to get them to their traditional 15-20 lb. size. But this year we did something similar to last year: We butchered part of our flock at three months! This gives an attractively small young turkey that might be even more tender than usual.

But that's not the only attraction these birds bring to the table. The small size also makes our Extra Young Turkeys more practical for small families. Let's face it…a 15-20 lb. specialty bird is a lot of meat and a lot of money. And not every family, no matter how thankful, needs that much turkey to celebrate. So until they run out, we are giving you the opportunity to experience a Family Cow Turkey in the very workable 7.00-8.99 lb size. This may just be the ticket to solve your Thanksgiving dilemma! If so, get on it. They are very limited.

Remember, folks, these turkeys were not only foraging 24/7 on our pure certified organic grass and clover pastures and are 100% non-GMO, they are also SOY-FREE. That, my friends, is a rare combination.
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