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Like all our food, these pork products are free of Nitrates, Nitrites, MSGs, GMOs, Preservatives and Soy.

Note: There is a temporary shortage of pastured pork this time of year because of normal seasonal changes. In another month or two, there should be plenty of pork.

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Woodland Pork Lard
-in 16 oz jars

Lard is a great cooking and baking oil. Many of the "old timers" will not make a pie crust without it. They say it makes the crust more crisp for a better handling, pie eating experience.
Bacon - Hickory Smoked (LIMIT: 1/order)
Our bacon has come up with a new name, folks. The powers-that-be do not like the butcher to call it 'bacon' when it is not cured with nitrates and nitrites. So he named it 'Seasoned Pork Belly.'

We have had conversations with a few of you about the varying amounts of fat on the bacon. We do not have any control over how much meat the pig grows on the side of its stomach. As we've found, some of you like your bacon to have more fat than others. The bacon usually is near 50/50, meat vs. fat. If you have a preference towards having meatier or fattier bacon, please note that in the comment box provided on the order form.
Avg. Size / 1 lb. @ $12.99 per lb. / $12.99 Sorry, Sold Out
No sugar!
Avg. Size / 1.25 lb. @ $9.49 per lb. / $11.86 Sorry, Sold Out
Old-Fashioned Hot Dogs
-made with Premium Pastured Pork (no junk meat!)
-no sugar
-and of course no nitrates or nitrites
-fully pre-cooked (during smoking)
Avg. Size / 1 lb. @ $8.49 per lb. / $8.49 Sorry, Sold Out
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You Can Always Tell a Happy Pig…

He'll have dirt (earth, not excrement) on top of his nose! It's a sort of happiness meter…the higher the dirt the happier the pig. When it gets up to his eyes, you know he was in his heaven!

Quite a few of you have asked why we call it Woodland Pork. I always thought that should be pretty self-explanatory but there is no such thing as a dumb question, so let me explain. It's called Woodland Pork because the pigs are actually raised for most of their life in the woods. This is really a pig's naturally preferred habitat. Our pig photos show our pigs doing natural happy-pig things.

A pig has a plow on the end of his nose and the lucky ones make good use of it to find roots, grubs, buried acorns, walnuts, hazelnuts or whatever woodland delicacy they desire. And of course, all these woodland delicacies, fresh air and green grass keep the pork as pure as nature intended and give it a bit of a wild touch too.
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