Welcome to our Online Farmer's Market!

A small sampling of some of our food.

You will love this modern twist to a farmers market. Buying straight from organic family farmers themselves has never been so easy, safe and efficient. How do we know you are going to love this and tell all your friends?
Consider this. Since our experienced loyal customers are about the only advertisement we have, if we measure just how effectively they have spread the word for us, it should be a fairly accurate measurement of their satisfaction, right?  
Well, just 9 years ago we started with 1 drop point made up of 5 families. Today we have 54 drop points with hundreds of satisfied families. Looks like they must be happy and telling their friends, right? :)
Many families tell us that our grass-fed Jersey milk is the absolute best raw milk they have ever tasted. We'll leave that up to you to decide, but we do hope to always exceed your expectations. Actually, you will find all of our foods clean, pure and outstanding. If it's not pure, if it's not humanely and conscientiously raised, we won't sell it. It is the same foods that we feed our family and our children every day. That is our family's commitment to you. 
If this all sounds too good to be true, all I can say is, "You will have to try it to find out. Then it will be your turn to tell your friends!"

Remember, we are a real life pasture-based family farm and not a factory. Some things are and will be in short supply. We do our best to keep the online store current to show you what is sold out, so if you see something in stock that you want, get it now because everything is first come, first serve!

When we take God's idea, His plan and His design, and just respect it and work with it, why should we be surprised that the food is a taste of heaven?   ~Your Farmer

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