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Raw Organ Blend (Beef & Pork)

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-Human grade (but we designed it with our pets in mind)
-in 1 lb. resealable containers
Note: This organ blend is not meant to be a complete diet in itself. We designed it to complement our raw chicken mix (or other raw, real pet food). So far we've heard lots of rave reviews.

Customer Review:

Hey Family,

Here's a quick update on the Raw Organ blend.

My dog LOVES it!!!! Whenever feeding my pup new foods I usually need to give it more than a week before I know for sure he likes it. I mix that blend with either your Premium Raw Chicken or with the Fresh Pet Nature's Fresh Turkey Recipe, I grab from whole foods.

I was mixing the raw chicken with the organ blend until I ran out of the raw chicken. Late last week I ran out of the organ blend which I was mixing with the turkey recipe. All I've been giving him is the turkey recipe, which he used to love by itself before introducing him to the raw chicken and organ blend. Lets just say my pup is not amused, lol. He will not eat until he's really hungry.

I don't blame him though, once you've had real food you cannot go back to "junk."

Thank you so much family.

P.S. I LOVE the newsletters and info that's contained in them. I read everything that comes through my email.


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